Oakland is a community made up of many smaller communities. Far from being homogenous, Oakland is a rich mosaic of different cultures, neighborhoods and groups that each have their own unique identities and concerns. In this section, “Hidden Communities,” we take a look of some of the people and places that make up the city--people and places that are many times overlooked.

Oakland's Chinatown

Right next to Oakland's skyscrapers and a city center that's seen better days, a colorful neighborhood hums with the sounds of Asian languages while the smells of traditional Eastern foods and herbs hang in the air.

Oakland's Chinatown is the sixth largest in the nation and the epicenter for a sprawling East Bay Asian community. It's often the first stop for newly arrived immigrants. More established residents come to shop, socialize and stay connected with their roots.

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Casting Ponds

Tony Compton discovers a surprising haven off an Oakland freeway where anglers cast the day away and find their own little piece of heaven.

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Bah‡'’ Followers Find Freedom in Oakland

Practicing the Bah‡'’ Faith can mean persecution in some parts of the world. But in Oakland, a flourishing community has come together to worship without fear.

Golden Gate District
These ten blocks of San Pablo Avenue used to afford great views of the Golden Gate Bridge. Development has taken that away but left the neighborhood its name.

Driving through the area, it looks like its seen better days. But behind the peeling facades exists a tightly-knit community. Jill Davis took here camera there and presents this photo essay.