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  • Hoodslam


    Welcome to North Gate Radio’s first show of 2016. In this week’s episode, we’re talking about subcultures and people breaking the norm. We’ll hear a variety of stories about unusual games, sports and medical treatments. We’ll meet a woman taking a new approach to death and visit an Oakland pro-wrestling show performed in drag. We also have a story about a decades-long live action role-playing game and an audio postcard from Elko, Nevada, examining the LGBT voting population there.

Recent Stories:

  • At the game table at Janyce Hall's home in Oakland.

    For 35 Years, a Parallel Life

    Janyce Hall is a gamer. Not video games, but tabletop role-playing games – just think Dungeons and Dragons. Since 1981, she’s been a game master, the god-like leader of one …more

  • Death can have take on a variety of forms for a woman in Grass Valley, Calif.

    Death Eaters

    Rachel James is a “death nerd” who studies and does public speaking about death-related topics, including suicide culture and end-of-life decisions. Earlier this year, she co-founded a project called Posy-Filled …more

  • Hoodslam

    Hoodslam Pro-Wrestlers Throw Down in Heels

    If you’ve lived in Oakland long enough, your weirdest friend might have already told you about Hoodslam. This monthly, independent pro-wrestling show once performed a fake abortion on stage, and …more