End of Year

December 8, 2016

End of Year

Join us as we wrap up 2016 in the last episode of this semester’s North Gate Radio. We faced an onslaught of surprises this year: Zika virus was declared a WHO emergency; Brexit changed the face of the EU; David Bowie died; a domestic terrorist incident lead to the deaths of 49 at an Orlando gay bar; an Oakland warehouse fire killed 36. Donald Trump was elected President-Elect of the United States. But there were some good surprises. The Chicago Cubs won the World Series. Domoic acid didn’t disrupt this year’s Dungeness crab season. Stranger Things. Well, maybe it was a rough year. We’re hear to bring you the best and worst, and will be for semesters to come.

This week, the North Gate Radio team takes on 2016. We have stories on Planned Parenthood, Tippi Hedren, the Zika virus, and more. Cheers to a new year!


PRODUCER: Brad Bailey
ANCHORS: Anna Sturla, Nathaniel Mahowald
REPORTERS: Chloe Lessard, Brad Bailey, Anna Sturla, Nathaniel Mahowald, Coby McDonald, Anna Sturla
ENGINEER: Lacy Jane Roberts
MUSIC: Let's Go Crazy (instrumental) by Price, Space Oddity by David Bowie, Auld Lang Syne by Mariah Carey
PHOTOS: Photo by Jay Huang, Creative Commons


Voices of Sproul

Berkeley looks back on 2016 – the big news stories and words of the year.

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Women’s Health in Limbo

The new President-Elect is revving up for inauguration, and the women’s health community is nervous about his plans.

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Shipwreck in Bodega Bay

What happens when a ship runs aground on a beach, and no one wants to pay to take it away?

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Tippi Hedren on Life and Legacy

An interview with Tippi Hedren, the star of Hitchcock’s The Birds, on her life and legacy.

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Zika and Mosquitos

Brad Bailey talks to public health officials to track the potential spread of the Zika virus.

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Northgate’s Year in Review

365 days has never felt quite so long, it seems. Check out our rundown of some major events of the year.

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