November 29, 2018

Fresh Takes on Equity

This week, The Fix explores equity through three unique angles. Eric Harris Bernstein explores hidden inequities in our society’s bathroom infrastructure, Lucy Meyer investigates inequities in California’s tax treatment of menstrual products, and our hosts, Anthony Rodriguez and Luis Hernandez, discuss inequities facing under-represented students pursuing higher education.



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PRODUCERS: Emnet Almedom and Lauren Randall
ASSISTANT PRODUCER: Eric Harris Bernstein
ANCHORS: Anthony Rodriguez and Luis Hernandez
REPORTERS: Eric Harris Bernstein, Lucy Meyer, Anthony Rodriguez, and Luis Hernandez
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Ben Manilla and Jennifer Granholm
MUSIC: Peter Tosh, Jackson 5


Anthony Rodriguez on Scholarships and Societal Equity

Higher education is considered the great equalizer of society. Scholarships can help give access to high education for low-income, high-achieving, first-generation students through covering the cost of tuition. There are more needs and ways minority students need to be supported in advance of equity. Anthony Rodriguez talks about scholarships, unique…

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Luis Hernandez and the Posse Scholarship

When Luis Hernandez was 17, he received a life-changing opportunity: A full scholarship to the University of Southern California from the Posse program. Undergraduate scholarships open opportunities to new generations of college students. Luis discusses the impact the program had on his life, and its broader societal importance.

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Eric Harris Bernstein on our Societal Lack of Public Restrooms

Everybody poops. But where? Many people never have to worry about meeting their basic needs, but for many groups, such as the homeless and disabled, something as simple as finding a bathroom can be present a massive challenge. Eric Harris Bernstein explores.

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Lucy Meyer on the Tampon Tax

Unlike Rogaine, Viagra, and condoms, which are all tax exempt, tampons are considered “non-essential” by several state tax codes. This means that many states – California included – charge sales tax on these medical necessities. Lucy Meyer has the story.

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