October 20, 2016


We’re going to uncover some secrets this week! Our reporters are bringing you stories you won’t hear anywhere else. First we’ll go undercover under the covers and dive into the world of BDSM. Then we’ll learn about a new way to get birth control that puts control in the hands of the user. After that we’ll meet UC Berkeley’s “Oski” and find out a little more about the history of the famous bear. Next we’ll hear about the lives of pacific islanders in the US and their struggles. Finally, we’ll follow an inquiry into Cal’s secret society, “The Order of the Golden Bear”.


Executive Producer: Ben Manilla
Producer: Chloe Lessard
Assistant Producer: Nathaniel Mahowald
Announcers: Coby McDonald and Ashley-Grace Vo
Reporters: Chloe Lessard, Ashley-Grace Vo, Juan Manuel Reyes Jr, Anna Sturla, Rosa Kwak
Engineer: Lacy Roberts


Secret Societies of Berkeley

Secret societies are are a topic of wonder and fascination, mainly due to the mystery that clouds it all. UC Berkeley houses one of the oldest secret societies on campus and we discuss the air of mystery that surrounds this.

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What do you think of when you hear “BDSM”? Leather? 50 Shades of Grey? This week, we speak with people who do the real thing.

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Who is Oski the Bear?

  Oski the Bear, UC Berkeley’s infamous mascot, just celebrated his 75th birthday at Cal’s homecoming football game on October first but where exactly did he come from? The face behind the mask was kept as a secret for over fifty years until “Rocky” finally revealed his identity. Juan Reyes…

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You’ve Got…Birth Control?

Using Nurx, women can order birth control online and delivered to their door.

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Checking the Box

Students review during a study jam organized by Berkeley’s Asian Pacific Islander Recruitment and Retention Center, or REACH!   Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed the AHEAD Act. The law orders state agencies to record and analyze differences between Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. This means Pakistanis won’t get lumped…

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