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Innovation Location

This week on The Fix, out-of-the-box policy solutions from our own backyard: The Bay Area. Emnet Almedom investigates how equity, fines, and financial freedom are all inextricably linked in San Francisco and Oakland. Sam Goldman takes us to Richmond, where the city is experimenting with paying and mentoring young men involved in gun violence to reduce homicides. Anthony Rodriguez shows us how an Oakland barbershop can also be a health center. And Luis Hernandez describes creative Bay Area solutions to deal with Methane, one of the most powerful greenhouse gasses.

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The Social Studies Episode

n this episode of North Gate Radio, our team tells stories all about “social studies” in the Bay Area: People making decisions, navigating challenges, and building community.

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All About Money

On this week’s “All About Money” show, reporters look at how money, or lack thereof, impacts Bay Area citizens in unexpected ways.

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Struggling to Breathe in the Bay Area

Low income people and people of color struggle to get the care they need for asthma. Children are especially at risk of being hospitalized for asthma symptoms. Kaitlin Benz set out to find why that is and how providers in the Bay Area are fixing it.

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