A Note on the Accuracy of the Game

We have tried to make the facts presented about people and places in Remembering 7th Street as historically accurate as possible, drawing on scores of interviews with people who remembered 7th Street and hundreds of news articles and other documents from various archives.

While the facts presented in the conversations that players have with individual characters in the game are based on our research, the actual dialogs are fictional. These exchanges were created for the sake of interactive game play, and are not the actual words the characters spoke. In some cases we made up fictional characters as part of game play. Characters with full names are based on actual people, while characters with only first names are fictional.

In some cases we also lacked photographs or descriptions of particular places, such as buildings or businesses. In those cases we had to rely on generic representations of what the exteriors of buildings or the insides of stores and offices were like in Oakland during the period of the 1940s and 1950s.

There also were instances where biographical facts about particular characters or details about specific places were in conflict. In those instances we tried to rely on the most credible information available, or we presented the conflicting information as part of game play.

We are constantly striving to improve the historical accuracy of the game. We welcome input from people who have memories or photographs of the characters and places of 7th Street, so we can update the game and make the experience of playing Remembering 7th Street as true to life as possible.

A note on copyright and likenesses: We received permission from various libraries, museums, news organizations and individuals to use photographs and other materials in the game, although in some cases we were unable to trace the origin of photographs to determine who might have owned the rights to them. Similarly, where characters in the game were representations of real people, we received permission to use the likenesses of people still alive or from the heirs of famous people who are deceased.

If you have any information about 7th Street you would like to share with us, or have any other suggestions or questions about the game, please contact us.