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On this year’s holiday show, we’ll dive into the world of improper Santas, Dungeness crabbing, and how to choose the perfect Christmas tree. We’ll also find out how to safely travel with kids during a pandemic with Omicron and whether or not you should be adopting a puppy this winter. Lastly, we’ll…


There’s a dramatic love story unfolding in the skies above Berkeley. Learn about where our food scraps go after they leave our green bins. And, hear about how one woman accidentally became part of the Black Panther Party. 

remember me

North Gate Radio’s Lauren DeLaunay Miller and Bella Fertel lead listeners through stories about relief money going into the Berkeley Marina, statewide strikes by Kaiser Permanente employees and refinery flares in Richmond. In preparation for Thanksgiving, we learn about the East Bay’s wild turkeys.…


Learn about some of the surprising roots of Diwali. Go on an Urban History Hike in Point Richmond. Hear about a development in Oakland that’s threatening a small patch of marshland in the Clinton Basin. Plus, discover the story behind a mysterious cat clock in East Oakland.

Dia de los muertos

We’re looking forward to Halloween and El Día De Los Muertos. We’ll learn more about a chess community on Telegraph and the last commercial salmon fisherman in the Berkeley Marina.

doctor hand in gloves holding coronavirus vaccine

Sea levels are rising and Oakland’s groundwater is polluted, but we also found some good news. Despite skepticism from some groups, the experts believe new COVID-19 vaccines are safe. Plus, we meet a woman who was part of a trial. One of San Francisco’s favorite indie bookstores is weathering the pa…

microphone outdoor concert background

On today’s show, stories get more complicated the deeper you look. Richmond needs housing, but should it be built on a polluted site? Online learning could be damaging kids’ mental health, but is it safe to re-open schools? Wait, is it? And in Berkeley, musicians are suffering, so why won’t the city…

Annie King-Meredith, Richmond resident, speaks at the Richmond Air Quality Steering Committee meeting in September. Source: Sharon Beals

COVID-19 cases just doubled in California, and it’s impacting every aspect of our lives. How are fast-food workers coping with danger at work during the pandemic? Can a determined Oakland high school football team band together to stay on track?  How are Central Valley churches worshiping under rest…

What do democracy and riding a motorcycle have in common? They both require participation. Plus: QAnon, local election results, the woman who survived Richmond Police’s sex trafficking scandal, and the farm that survived the LNU Complex fire.

On this week’s show, we’re talking about second chances. First, Michelle Pitcher takes a look at a career training program for California inmates re-entering society. Then, Natalia Gurevich tells us about Cambodian immigrants to the US facing deportation and what they’re doing to fight back. Finally…