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October 27, 2016


Things take a turn for the spooky this week, as Juan Reyes and Rosa Kwak lead us on a journey of auditory terror so eldritch it’ll blow Lovecraft out of the water. First, Anna Sturla leads us on an aural adventure through space and time to listen for the first time to the sounds on the LP aboard the voyager spacecraft, currently hurtling through the vacuum of space. If that isn’t enough, next Coby McDonald takes us back in time with the Society for Creative Anachronisms (be prepared for sword fighting). If you haven’t passed out of fear yet, you’ll be treated to our own Brad Bailey’s piece on the historic Nabolom pizza restaurant in Berkeley. After that tasty intermission, its back to fear as Nathaniel Mahowald examines the context of our nation’s growing clown crisis. Finally, Juan Reyes drags our ears up to NorCal Fear’s Bedlam Asylum haunted house in Petaluma, where any resolve we had left will be completely replaced by fear. Take a listen, if you dare!


PRODUCER: Coby McDonald
ASSISTANT PRODUCER: Nathaniel Mahowald
ANCHORS: Rosa Kwak and Juan Reyes
REPORTERS: Anna Sturla, Coby McDonald, Brad Bailey, Nathaniel Mahowald, and Juan Reyes


Nabolom Pizza

When people think of Pizza, they tend to think of Chicago Deep Dish, or New York style, yet Berkeley can also claim some pizza fame. Cheeseboard, on Shattuck Avenue, is already well known. Now, a restaurant called Nabolom Bakery is starting to get tongues wagging. Brad Bailey has the story.

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‘Hello from Planet Earth’: The Return of the Voyager Golden Record

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech   Thirty nine years ago, scientists carefully put together a time capsule of the human race – an LP meant to last a billion years in space. But for years, no one earth could get their hands on the complete copy, until now. The Voyager box set will…

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The Society for Creative Anachronisms

The word anachronism means something that’s out of place in its time. Reporter Coby McDonald spent a day with a group of people who get together to reenact times passed, and reinvent themselves in the process. For the organization’s thirty thousand members, it’s not just about creating a different world,…

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NorCal Fear

If you’re in the mood for running into terrifying children and creepy maze, head over to NorCal Fear’s Bedlam Asylum haunted house in Petaluma. For more information go to, but beware, you might just be scared stiff!

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2016’s Creepy Clown Craze

They’ve been sighted all across the US, and even as far away as Germany. Creepy clowns are scaring children and adults alike. But are these creepy clowns really anything to be afraid of? Nathaniel Mahowald brings us the story.

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