Higher Education

Higher education is the gateway to success in the modern world, right? But not everyone is set up to flourish in this system. How do we fix that?

Spencer Bowen explores the effectiveness of community colleges and how they can do a good job serving their students. Kira Sargatzke looks into alternative models of education, like apprenticeship and vocational programs. Kira and Spencer tackle several more issues in higher ed with UC Berkeley policy professor Rucker Johnson.

This is episode one in a special series of North Gate Radio. Welcome to The Fix: Solutions from the Laboratories of Democracy.

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PRODUCER: Luis Hernandez
ANCHORS: Spencer Bowen, Kira Sargatzke
REPORTERS: Spencer Bowen, Kira Sargatzke
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Ben Manilla, Jennifer Granholm
MUSIC: YouTube Audio Library, Spencer Bowen, Alice Cooper

Air Date

October 2018