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Infrastructure – what makes our society functional

December 6, 2018

Infrastructure – what makes our society functional

During 2018’s last episode, the Fix explores the “foundational” fabric that let’s society function: infrastructure. While our host Spencer Bowen takes us on a bike ride across the US bicycle capital of Davis, our co-host Lisa Herron takes a closer look at systems that protect people with disabilities in times of a crisis. Lucy Meyer explores the options of affordable housing and Eric Bernstein shows us how Chattanooga, Tennessee became the leader in quality internet access in the US.


PRODUCER: Luis Hernandez and Eric Harris Bernstein
ANCHORS: Lisa Herron and Spencer Bowen
REPORTERS: Lucy Meyer, Lisa Herron, Spencer Bowen, Eric Harris Bernstein
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jennifer Granholm and Ben Manila
MUSIC: Europe


Spencer Bowen on Bicycles in Davis, CA: Extended Cut

How did a small college town become the nation’s bicycle capital? It took a little bit of luck – but mostly policy choices by local leaders.

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Spencer Bowen explores the bicycle capital of the US: Davis, California

How did Davis, California become the nation’s bike capital?

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Lisa Herron reimagines a more inclusive emergency management system

What happens to people with disabilites when traditional infrastructure crumbles during natural disasters and blue skies disappear? Lisa Herron explores how people with disabilities are taking the lead on inclusive emergency management in local communities and even, at state and federal level.

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Lucy Meyer on one way of affordable housing: Coop housing in Berkeley

A home-cooked, healthy meal of pulled beef and vegetables included in a daily meal budget of 5 Dollars. Too good to be true? Not in coop housing. Lucy Meyer explores the affordable alternative of coop housing in Berkeley.

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Eric Harris Bernstein on Chattanooga’s high quality internet access

Chattanooga, a city that struggled with lost industries, with high unemployment, and lots of pollution, has transformed itself into a Gig city. How did Chattanooga do it? Eric Harris Bernstein has more.

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