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Welcome to The Fix, solutions from the laboratories of democracy. This week, the team explores out-of-the-box policy solutions from our own backyard: the Bay Area.

Emnet Almedom investigates how equity, fines, and financial freedom are all inextricably linked in San Francisco and Oakland.

Sam Goldman takes us to Richmond, where the city is experimenting with paying and mentoring young men involved in gun violence to reduce homicides.

Anthony Rodriguez shows us how an Oakland barbershop can also be a health center.

And Luis Hernandez describes creative Bay Area solutions to deal with Methane, one of the most powerful greenhouse gasses.


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PRODUCERS: Anthony Rodriguez and Spencer Bowen
ANCHORS: Lucy Meyer and Sam Goldman
REPORTERS: Emnet Almedom, Sam Goldman, Anthony Rodriguez, and Luis Hernandez
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jennifer Granholm and Ben Manilla
MUSIC: Dave Matthews Band, Andrea Day, Britney Spears, Blue Dot Sessions, Wu-Tang Clan, Black Dynasty, Kamaiyah, YouTube Audio Library

Air Date

November 2018