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Places, everyone!

May 9, 2019

Places, everyone!

Our show this week is all about places.


You’ll hear the sounds of the New York City subway, the twists and turns of Lombard street, the Santa Cruz pier, and our very own Sproul plaza.


And from inside the booming Coliseum, Reporter Wyatt Kroopf brings us a story of how Oakland is grappling with the loss of the Warriors.


Lastly, reporter Ricky Rodas, has a story about what it is like inside juvenile detention in California.


PRODUCER: Jesse Clements
ANCHORS: Ashvini Malshe and Wyatt Kroopf
REPORTERS: Nina Sparling, Wyatt Kroopf, Jesse Clements, Ricky Rodas, Jameson Weiss
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
MUSIC: Egyptian Reggae- Johanthan Richman & The Modern Lovers; In my Life- The Beatles; I've Been Everywhere- Johnny Cash


Audio Postcard: Sproul Plaza

UC Berkeley is a busy school. Students rush between classes, work, and activities – contributing to the overall hustle and bustle of a college campus. Reporter Jameson Weiss offers us an audio postcard from the place we know and love at the heart of UC Berkeley – Sproul Plaza.

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WEB EXTRA: E-cigarettes

Recently, there has been a movement on the city, state, and national level to ban e-cigarettes and flavoured tobacco products. Juul, specifically, has come under heavy controversy due to its popularity among teens and young adults. Reporter Jameson Weiss speaks with a Juul user, a professional on the subject, and…

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WEB EXTRA: Spotlight On John Honoré

John Honroé is a music composer who has created sound designs in the Bay Area for over sixteen years. He gives a step-by-step tutorial of how the creative process of to music you’ve heard in your favorite movies or the beats to your favorite songs could have been created.

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Roar No More: The End of the Warriors Era in Oakland

The Golden State Warriors are counting down the days left at Oracle Arena in Oakland. After 47 seasons there, the team is moving to the Chase Center in San Francisco next season. Some Oaklanders are not too happy about it.

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Reading In Prison

Spending all your time in one place has a profound effect on the way we think and act. Richmond, CA natives Edward Williams and Vernon Robinson found this out the hard way when they spent decades behind bars. Their love of reading helped break their minds free of the prison…

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Audio Postcard: Santa Cruz

Crashing waves, beach volleyball and the chaos of a boardwalk arcade. In this audio postcard Jesse Clements takes us on a trip down to Santa Cruz. 

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Audio Postcard: the Subway

A 90-second immersion in one of the few remaining sonic undergrounds in New York: the subway.

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Heavy Traffic On Iconic Lombard Street

Lombard street, a famously curvy road in San Francisco, is advertised as a must see tourist destination. Many resident who live on the street have been sick of the foot and vehicle traffic. California Assembly Member Phil Ting has introduced a bill that, if signed into law, will force tourists…

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