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Pursuing Positivity

November 9, 2017

Pursuing Positivity

On this week’s episode of North Gate Radio, we’re focusing on keeping it positive. You’ll hear stories about people who are working make the world a better place in communities in the Bay Area and beyond.


PRODUCER: Cassady Rosenblum
ANCHORS: Caroline Champlin & Rachel Cassandra
REPORTERS: Alex Orlando; Rachel Loyd; Ryan Lindsay; Sonja Hutson
ENGINEER: Cat Shuknecht
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Laura Klivans & Ethan Lindsey
MUSIC: Intro | I Know There's Gonna Be Good Times, Instrumental - Jamie XX
Track 2: Queen of Wonderland ft. Thundercat - J. Davie
Track 3: Going on ft. Beat Assailant - Lyre Le Temps


Meet the Man Who Plays the Campanile Bells

If you’re on the UC Berkeley campus, there’s one thing you’re bound to hear: the Campanile Bells coming together in a song. North Gate Radio’s Sonja Hutson went all the way up to the top of what is officially named Sather Tower … roughly 200 feet above the ground… to…

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Restorative justice: an alternative to suspensions

California ended suspending most elementary students who defy teachers a couple years ago. Hoover Elementary in West Oakland sets a positive example as one man works to interrupt the school-to-prison pipeline. Adimu Madyun does everything from breathing exercises to free-styling positive hip hop vibes to building relationships with parents. Madyun says punitive…

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Reclaiming space, reviving the legacy: A Black Panther mural makes its mark on West Oakland

The Black Panthers used to dominate the streets of West Oakland, protecting & serving their community but now, there are few visual reminders of their impact & presence. Learn how a local artist is working to change that.

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Talking Aquaponics

Spencer Curry, CEO and co-founder of Trifecta Ecosystems, sits down with reporter Alex Orlando to talk aquaponics—a method of farming that grows plants and fish together.

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No Butts!

Even in Berkeley, passing city laws can be a unique challenge.

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