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November 17, 2016


The cool thing about science is that….well, it’s cool. In this episode of North Gate Radio, Chloe Lessard and Ashley-Grace Vo take you on a journey through the Bay Area and beyond to see what’s going on in the world of science. Nathaniel Mahowald takes a trip up to Berkeley Labs to see what’s going on with scientist who are testing neutrons on the hill. The future of growing food is at stake and Anna Sturla explains why climate change has a lot to do with it. Prop 64 passed in California, which allows adults to partake in recreational Marijuana use, but do you know what’s in your weed? Juan Reyes goes deep into the weeds to explain the use of pesticides. Ashley-Grace talks to one of the pioneers in tech, Steve Wozniak, about growing up in the Silicon Valley. Lastly, we have Brad Bailey with a one-on-one interview with Bruegel’s Maria Denertzis to report about Brexit.


PRODUCER: Anna Sturla
ANCHORS: Chloe Lessard and Ashley-Grace Vo
REPORTERS: Anna Sturla, Ashley-Grace Vo, Brad Bailey, Nathaniel Mahowald, and Juan Reyes
MUSIC: "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo
PHOTOS: Test tubes full of cannabis samples sit on a tray inside of S.C. Labs in Santa Cruz. - Juan Reyes


Steve Wozniak’s Journey Through UC Berkeley

Nathaniel Mahowald and Ashley-Grace Vo meet with the co-founder of Apple to discuss how he went about college–Tijuana, Apple, creating personal computers, it’s all here.

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Interview with Maria Demertzis

In Brussels Belgium, the headquarters of the European Union. Brad Bailey sat down with Maria Demertzis , a research fellow at Bruegel, a policy think-tank. She previously worked in the European Commission and in the Central Bank. At Bruegel, she specializes in microeconomic issues. They talked about some of the…

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Cannabis Pesticides

The verdict is in and the people of California have given a thumbs up to the sticky-icky. Prop 64 passed after more than half the people voted yes to recreational use of Marijuana. But just because it’s legal doesn’t mean people shouldn’t take precautions before sparking up, especially if your…

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The Future of Food

California is the biggest agricultural producing state in the country. But climate change is threatening this $47 million industry. Anna Sturla takes us to a farmers’ market in the Central Valley to figure out the future of food.

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Neutron Free Berkeley?

In 1940, the chemical element “astatine” was first synthesized right here in Berkeley, using then advanced nuclear technology. In 1986, Berkeley became a nuclear free zone, but atomic physics is still practiced in our city. Here at the University of California, 16 elements of the periodic table were first synthesized,…

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