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Technology Takeover

March 15, 2018

Technology Takeover

Technology is often seen as the great equalizer, and as something that is beneficial, but this week’s stories look at the other aspects of tech.

Reporter Padmini Partha looks at what we lose when we give our sense of direction to GPS. Nikka Singh examines how the Taser and its cultural understanding as being non-lethal is problematic, and what that means for the SFPD as they work to roll it out. Sybil Patten goes into a family’s home and sees how the parents struggle with keeping their kids away from the screen and how the parents secretly struggle themselves. Zoe Ferrigno and Susie Neilson ask the question, “Is Facebook listening to us?” and then they go on a hunt for answers.

Lastly, Zoe profiles this weekend’s Alcatraz swim.

Created by H. Alberto Gongora


PRODUCER: Lee Mengistu @lee_mengi
ANCHORS: Muna Danish @sailormuns & Sybil Patten @becomingbronx
REPORTERS: Sybil Patten @becomingbronx
Zoe Ferrigno @zoe_ferrigno & Susie Neilson @susieneilson
Padmini Partha @PPartha20
Nikka Singh @itstheGADFLY
ENGINEER: Cat Schuknecht @catschuknecht
MUSIC: "Hello" by Erykah Badu and "At All" by Kaytranada


Is Facebook Listening to You?

Is Facebook listening to you through your iPhone? Anecdotes abound, but the evidence is uncertain. In this segment, reporters Zoë Ferrigno and Susie Neilson set out to answer this question.

Story Details North Gate Radio Home

How Does iPhone GPS Affect Our Spatial Memory?

We’re all looking down at our phones constantly these days, awaiting that text or email, or scrolling through Twitter in down moments. But many of us are also becoming more reliant on smart phone GPS to get us around. Reporter Padmini Parthasarathy explores the effects of this new dependence on…

Story Details North Gate Radio Home

Race from the Rock

“Races between the island and San Francisco’s shore aren’t uncommon, but the Winter Alcatraz race is unique: water temperature in the bay is at its coldest this time of year.”

Story Details North Gate Radio Home

Tasers: The Hidden Danger of Less-Lethal Weapons

Nikka: To prove the point, Masters had two prongs attached to his back and then he was Tasered. And while he said it was the most painful experience he’d ever had in his life, ultimately it lasted only a few seconds and then it was over. So several years later…

Story Details North Gate Radio Home

Balancing Cell Phone Usage in Berkeley

Parents and teachers search for a balance to find the right amount of smartphone usage.  Reporter Sybil Patten takes the listeners into a Sunday morning at one Berkeley resident to see these parents are managing their devices.  

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