April 14, 2016

The Business of Cannabis

This November, voters in nine states will cast their ballots for or against the legalization of cannabis. Among them is California, which today accounts for half of all legal cannabis consumed in the United States. As more states legalize the consumption of marijuana, the business of cannabis grows, with new investment opportunities, new jobs, higher tax returns for public finances, and lower law enforcement costs – meanwhile, more experts worry about addiction to weed.


PRODUCER: Sam-Omar Hall
ASSISTANT PRODUCER: Charlotte Jacquemart
ANCHORS: Bonnie Chan, Jacqui Ipp
REPORTERS: Charlotte Jacquemart, Ted Andersen, Teresa Cotsirilos, Sam-Omar Hall, Marylee Williams, Nailah Morgan
ENGINEER: Laura Klivens


Author David Downs Reveals Pot Research

In our next segment, North Gate Radio’s Ted Andersen sits down with leading marijuana journalist David Downs, author of The Medical Marijuana Guide Book, to discuss the findings of his research.

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Oakland Museum Showcases Cannabis

On Saturday, April 16th, the exhibit “Altered State: Marijuana in California” opens its doors. Anyone who goes there can learn something, from the most dedicated stoner to the innocent grandmother.

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Streetdealers Under Pressure

There will be losers and winners of a wider legalization of cannabis. Among the losers we will find street dealers who might find it hard to turn her business legal.

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Commentary: Culture Shock

I moved from Louisiana to California in August, stuffing all my belongings into a navy blue Volkswagen. I mentally prepared myself for the move and West Coast things such as earthquakes, but I didn’t prepare myself for the weed usage.

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Pot: The New Gold Rush

In November Californians will vote on the “Adult Use of Marijuana Act”, known as AUMA. The initiative would open up a multi-billion-dollar-market for cannabis investors.

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Weed and Addiction: Assessing the Risks

Legalization is so politicized that it can be hard to tell what the health or addiction risks associated with pot actually are.

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