8:15, August 6th, 1945

April 20, 2017

8:15, August 6th, 1945

With North Korea testing weapons of mass destruction, some fear the use of nuclear weapons is back on the horizon. Humans have used nuclear weapons twice in history. The United States dropped both of them in World War II. Shiho Takezawa has more.


Give me back my father, give me back my mother / Give us back the elderly, give us back the babies / Give me back myself, who I used to be / Give me back my people and all human races / As long as our world lasts and exists / Give us back those days / And peace that would never be destroyed 

—A poem by Sankichi Toge (1917-1953), Translation by Shiho Takezawa

To learn more about the Hiroshima atomic bomb, visit Hiroshima City’s website. Also check out “White Light Black Rain” directed by Steven Okazaki.


REPORTER: Shiho Takezawa
MUSIC: "Graves of the Fireflies" "One Summer Day"by Jo Hisaishi
ADDITONAL AUDIO: Atomic Heritage Foundation "General Leslie Groves's Interview Part 5", Steven Okazaki "White Light Black Rain: The Destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki"
(Japanese Source)"Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, Silent Prayer", "One Minute Silent Prayer Fixed Point Shooting 8/6, 2015"
PHOTO CAPTION & CREDIT: Heiwa-ga-ichiban (Hiroshima Dome), The City of Hiroshima (Poem)

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