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Hoodslam Pro-Wrestlers Throw Down in Heels

March 10, 2016

Hoodslam Pro-Wrestlers Throw Down in Heels

If you’ve lived in Oakland long enough, your weirdest friend might have already told you about Hoodslam. This monthly, independent pro-wrestling show once performed a fake abortion on stage, and don’t even get us started on the actual gay marriage that they officiated once in the ring. Last month, the group continued to test gender and sexual norms with its second annual Femmed Out show—the only wrestling show in the nation performed in drag. You can catch Hoodslam’s next smackdown at the Oakland Metro Operahouse on the first Friday of next month. Appropriately enough, that’s April Fools Day. Teresa Cotsirilos reports from ringside.


REPORTER: Teresa Cotsirilos
PHOTO CAPTION AND CREDIT: Pro-wrestler Taylor Correa, dressed as Wanda from In Living Color, confronts the ref at Hoodlam's annual Femmed Out show. Photo by Teresa Cotsirilos.

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