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PFAS: The New Toxic Chemical in Town

December 5, 2019

PFAS: The New Toxic Chemical in Town

You may not have heard of the toxic chemical PFAS, but you’ve probably touched it at some point today. It’s the nonstick in Teflon, the grease resistance in food packaging, and the flame retardant in firefighting foam. It’s the subject of the recent Mark Ruffalo movie, Dark Waters. And, according to a recent study, it’s in the carpets at Step One Preschool in Berkeley. Soon, this chemical will be on all of our radars: an upcoming California law will expand testing for PFAS in our drinking water. So what are PFAS, where do they come from, and how worried should we be? Visit for more information.


REPORTER: Brett Simpson
CAPTION & CREDIT: Berkeley toddlers nap on carpets at Step One Preschool. Brett Simpson.

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