Scars of Khmer Rouge

Thavery, a Cambodian American, had a hard time in her teenage years dealing with issues at home and in school. After a visit to a community center in Oakland, she began to learn the history of the Khmer Rouge who killed two million Cambodians from 1975 to 1979.

For more information about Cambodian refugees in Oakland, check out the Center for Empowering Refugees and Immigrants’s website.

Special thanks to Jennifer Jastrab, Mona Afary, Nushin Sarkarati, Sokounthavery Hov, and all others who volunteered for interviews.


REPORTER: Shiho Takezawa
MUSIC: Matt Kivel “Twins”, Jess Glynne “My Love (Acoustic)”
ADDITIONAL AUDIO: “Real Documentary of Khmer Rouge War in Cambodia (1975-1979)”, Cinema Today “The Missing Picture Trailer (Japanese Version)”
PHOTO CAPTION & CREDIT: Photo by Shiho Takezawa

Air Date

March 2017