Sexual Harassment at Cal: Inside the Story

April 28, 2016

Sexual Harassment at Cal: Inside the Story

Berkeley is in the midst of a very public crisis over its handling of sexual harassment complaints. Nineteen complaints of harassment, many of them against faculty, have been filed with the University since 2011, and this spring has seen a wave of media stories about those complaints and the system that’s supposed to resolve them.

A recent front-page story in the San Francisco Chronicle exposed a case involving a professor in the South and Southeast Asian Studies department. Four students lodged complaints against him, only to see their case languish. Two of them spoke on the record about it. This story comes from Journalism School student Melissa Batchelor Warnke, who sat down with fellow reporter Graelyn Brashear to talk about it.


REPORTERS: Graelyn Brashear and Matt Beagle

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