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Telling Stories through Art—“Our Home in 1942”

May 4, 2017

Telling Stories through Art—“Our Home in 1942”

In 1942 President Franklin Roosevelt signed an executive order to forcefully remove people of Japanese ancestry from their West Coast residences. They’d be sent to incarceration camps. Reporter Shiho Takezawa has the story of how children of those interned keep this memory alive through music and art.

To know more about Yokohama, California, visit here. Fore more information about Judy Shintani, visit her website.


REPORTER: Shiho Takezawa
MUSIC: "Tanforan", "Manongs of Walnut Grove" by Yokohama, California, "Forest Fires" by Axel Flóvent
PHOTO CAPTION & CREDIT: San Francisco Chronicle

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