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The Housing Crisis in Havana

Cubans don’t pay rent and the housing market is mostly outlawed. But Havana is facing a different kind of housing crisis due to crumbling buildings and shortages of materials and cash.

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A (Home) Match made in Heaven

Creating affordable housing and unlikely roommate pairs. That’s the goal of Berkeley Home Match-  an innovative new housing program being piloted this spring at UC Berkeley. Through an extensive matching process the program connects graduate students looking for housing, with retired UC Staff who have homes to rent; with benefits for both sides. Jesse Clements reports on this unusual collaboration between the UCB Retirement Center, Senior Community Ashby Village and the University itself.

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Housing Teachers in the Bay Area

Due to rising housing costs and low pay, school districts across the Bay Area are struggling to retain their teachers. A new proposal in Berkeley seeks to subsidize housing specifically for teachers.

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Infrastructure – what makes our society functional

During 2018’s last episode, the Fix explores the “foundational” fabric that let’s society function: infrastructure. While our host Spencer Bowen takes us on a bike ride across the US bicycle capital of Davis, our co-host Lisa Herron takes a closer look at systems that protect people with disabilities in times of a crisis. Lucy Meyer…

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Coalition on Homelessness Sleep Out

Thursday, November 16th, 2017, the Coalition on Homelessness of San Francisco is hosting a sleep out. That means housed and unhoused people will gather together to sleep outside on the streets, overnight. There will be food and music and speeches, and the event will go from 5pm Thursday to 6am Friday morning. Housed folks will…

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