Tibetans Fear for Their Future after the Dalai Lama
For almost half a century the Dalai Lama has been a headache for China's communist leaders. Beijing regularly denounces him as a traitor and a "splitist." But the Dalai Lama poses a problem for Tibetans as well...
By Austin Ramzy

The Unbearable Cost of Renting in Beijing
All the places started looking the same after seeing 15 properties in two days of house hunting in Beijing. The building is brand new...Picture yourself in the 30-meter indoor swimming pool and health club on the third floor that is exclusive to residents...There are six in this four-bedroom apartment...
By Yvonnen Kennedy

Chinese Investors Dislike Market Regulation
Because of these large-scale losses among investors, Beijing's reform-minded regulators who favor draconian regulations to regulate the market are losing momentum, never mind the impending entrance of foreigners into China's financial market under WTO commitment...
By Feiwen Rong

Hong Kong Drives out Unwanted Chinese Immigrants
In the meantime, Chinese who want to reunite with their families in HK must rely on the quota system, which allows reunions for 150 people a day. Those include spouses, children under 18 and children over 18 when their parents are over 60...
By Hadas Ragolsky

How One Chinese Escaped Death On 11 September
For those Chinese who were chortling at the Sept 11 terror attacks on the United States Sun Lingling has one word: evil...
By Ting Shi