Cities That Work For Everyone

This week, the Fix team asks the question: how are we helping create cities that work for everyone?

Lauren Randall digs into new data that reveals unexpected health and safety benefits from green spaces in cities – especially in low-income neighborhoods. Lisa Herron explores how California is leading the way for including people with disabilities and other health needs in emergency management plans. Sam Goldman goes to San Francisco to see how assisting drug users shoot up could actually lower drug use and help clean our streets.

Our hosts, Emnet Almadon and Eric Harris Bernstein, talk to Samira Nuru a UC Berkeley graduate student in public health and city planning. They learn about her experience as a Bayview Native and an employee of the SF Public Utilities Commission.

This is episode two in a special series of North Gate Radio. Welcome to The Fix: Solutions from the Laboratories of Democracy.

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PRODUCER: Sam Goldman
ANCHORS: Emnet Almedon, Eric Bernstein
REPORTERS: Sam Goldman, Lisa Herron, Lauren Randall
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Jennifer Granholm, Ben Manilla
MUSIC: Bob Marley, Passenger, Aretha Franklin, Icarus, YouTube Audio Library

Air Date

October 2018