This week on North Gate Radio, we’re bringing you stories about people working to change the game for themselves – and for their communities. We talk to people, community groups, and sports teams about the problems they’re trying to solve and why they stay in the fight.

Amy Mostafa talks to the East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative about how to help Bay Area residents stay put. Then, she introduces us to the newest member of the Hayward City Council, Aisha Wahab. She’s the first Afghan-American elected official in the nation. Ashvini Malshe takes us inside Prizm, an Oakland nail salon that sees self-care as a revolutionary practice. Jameson Weiss heads to an actual game to find out why the Cal Rugby team is so good –– and flies so under-the-radar.

Across the bay, Nina Sparling visits an old model of San Francisco to talk to people about how city is changing today. And finally, Meg Shutzer visits Jolene’s –– the only lesbian bar in city limits.

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PRODUCER: Annie Berman
ANCHORS: Carla Williams and Jesse Clements
REPORTERS: Ashvini Malshe, Amy Mostafa, Megan Shutzer, Nina Sparling, Jameson Weiss
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
MUSIC: “Rebel Rebel” by David Bowie, “Debaser” by The Pixies, “Come Together” by The Internet

Air Date

March 2019