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Cal Rugby

March 21, 2019

Cal Rugby

Here at Cal, football and basketball tend to get the most attention. Most people don’t know that it’s the less-celebrated rugby team that has the bragging rights. The team has won twenty-eight national championships since 1980 –– a rare record of wins in college sports.

Reporter Jameson Weiss sits down with Rugby Head Coach Jack Clark to discuss the team’s recent and historical successes. He hears about the team’s mentality, its loyal fanbase, and its curious financial situation as a self-sustaining sports program. We’ll find out more about why so few people know about the rugby team from Shailin Singh, sports editor for The Daily Californian.

For tickets to the next game and more information about the Cal’s rugby team, visit their website. Or follow them on social media @CalVarsityRugby: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


REPORTER: Jameson Weiss

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