The Sports Episode

In this episode of North Gate Radio, our team of reporters tackle sports in the Bay Area and beyond.

Sara Harrison catches up with a group of women who were among the first to benefit from Title IX; Muna Danish pays a visit to some active Oakland seniors at the Lincoln Square Recreation Center in Chinatown; Kaitlin Benz gives her friend Jen Magnuson a call to learn how training for a triathlon helped her cope with a rare autoimmune disease; Padmini Parthasarathy and Zoë Ferrigno learn about the exciting world of real-life Quidditch; and Nuria Marquez Martinez brings us the second half of her story about the East Bay’s “hospital desert.”

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PRODUCER: Francesca Fenzi
ANCHORS: Kaitlin Benz & Laura Newberry
REPORTERS: Kaitlin Benz, Muna Danish, Zoë Ferrigno, Sara Harrison, Nura Marquez Martinez, Padmini Parthasarathy
ENGINEER: Cat Schuknecht
MUSIC: “Rock n Roll Pt. 2” by Gary Glitter; “My Type ” by Saint Motel; “Thunder ” by Imagine Dragons; “Cult 45” by Shredders; “Run Run Run” by Junge Junge; “Quidditch Theme” conducted by John Williams; “Hedwig’s Theme” conducted by John Williams

Air Date

April 2018