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The Schools Episode

March 14, 2019

The Schools Episode

For our first show of the year, we’re all about school. What are the issues that affect the daily lives of students and teachers? We’ll listen to their struggles, and some solutions to make school better.

Meg Shutzer looks into the lack of affordable housing at UC Berkeley, and Jesse Clements investigates two creative solutions to the housing crisis aimed at students and teachers. Wyatt Kroopf brings us two stories about the fight in Oakland to keep a free after-school program, and improve working conditions for teachers.

And last, a 2018 study from Harvard found that graduate students are three times more likely to have mental health issues than the average American. Reporter Carla Williams explores how the university is meeting the health challenges of their students.


PRODUCER: Ricky Rodas
ANCHORS: Meg Shutzer, Jameson Weiss
REPORTERS: Wyatt Kroopf, Carla Williams, Meg Shutzer, Jesse Clements
ENGINEER: Francesca Fenzi
MUSIC: "School of Rock" by School of Rock Cast, "Campus" by Vampire Weekend


A Student Perspective on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike

Oakland teachers went on strike for seven days in February. They said that improving their students’ education was at the heart of their demands. What did the students think about the strike?

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The highest rents in the Bay: Berkeley student housing

A story that looks at the high cost of student housing at UC Berkeley.

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Dinner’s Served: Afterschool Supper Program Returns

When the Oakland Unified School District cut a free, afterschool supper program, students fought back. Now, they have a new and expanded program.

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A (Home) Match made in Heaven

Creating affordable housing and unlikely roommate pairs. That’s the goal of Berkeley Home Match-  an innovative new housing program being piloted this spring at UC Berkeley. Through an extensive matching process the program connects graduate students looking for housing, with retired UC Staff who have homes to rent; with benefits…

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Housing Teachers in the Bay Area

Due to rising housing costs and low pay, school districts across the Bay Area are struggling to retain their teachers. A new proposal in Berkeley seeks to subsidize housing specifically for teachers.

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Mental Health at Cal

New studies are linking higher education to lack of mental wellness.  Statistics are showing that graduate students are leaving college with a mountain of debt and a lot of anxiety. There has become less of a stigma around mental health and more students are seeking help. Berkeley offers on campus…

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