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A Student Perspective on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike

March 14, 2019

A Student Perspective on the Oakland Teachers’ Strike

In February, Oakland teachers went on strike for seven days. Their main demands: higher pay, smaller class sizes, no school closures. On picket lines, though, teachers kept focusing on their students—they said all theirs demands centered on them. What did the students think about that?

A lot of high schoolers, like Heavenly Simpson, stood with teachers. They showed support by joining them on the picket line and, more critically, by not crossing it. Now, as students continue to fight budget cuts to student programs, they’re asking their teachers to have their back. Wyatt Kroopf has the story of one student’s perspective on the strike and how students aren’t done fighting, yet.



REPORTERS: Wyatt Kroopf
PHOTO CAPTION & CREDIT: Heavenly Simpson (right) joined her teachers on the picket line outside of Castlemont High School nearly every day of the strike. Now, she wants teachers to stand with students as they challenge budget cuts. Photo by Wyatt Kroopf.

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