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The Social Studies Episode

The Social Studies Episode

In this episode of North Gate Radio, our team tells tales of “social studies” in the Bay Area: People making decisions, navigating challenges, and building community.

Nuria Marquez Martinez brings us the story of how a young activist dealt with being invisible until he found his voice; Francesca Fenzi catches up with a community of ex-patriates celebrating Kings Day in Golden Gate Park; Laura Newberry tries out a virtual reality experience that aims to combat gender bias in the workplace; Lee Mengitsu explores the dark side of surveillance; and Kaitlin Benz sits down with local parents to learn what it’s like for families to consider circumcision.





PRODUCER: Zoe Ferrigno
ANCHORS: Sybil Patten and Francesca Fenzi
REPORTERS: Laura Newberry, Lee Mengistu, Nuria Marquez Martinez, Francesca Fenzi, Kaitlin Benz
ENGINEER: Cat Schuknecht


Undocumented and Unafraid

For Juan Prieto, a young undocumented activist in the Bay Area, life has always been inherently political and filled with trauma. But a critical part of the movement is a feeling of empowerment within the young, undocumented community.

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Somebody’s Watching

It turns out that in some cases, your landlord watching you scrub dishes in the kitchen or take a nap on the couch isn’t technically illegal.

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Can VR curb gender bias in the workplace?

As the #MeToo movement continues to gain traction in the national spotlight, employers are looking for ways to reduce sexual harassment and gender bias in the workplace. Bay Area filmmaker Nathalie Mathe may have a partial solution to this big problem: Virtual reality. Mathe and her small team have built…

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Let’s Go Dutch

San Francisco Bay alone is home to many immigrant communities. This past weekend, a collection of Dutch ex-patriates celebrated their most treasured holiday in Golden Gate Park. Producer Francesca Fenzi brings us this audio postcard.

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To Cut or Not To Cut

Reporter Kaitlin Benz spoke to three parents who have varying thought processes behind how they chose yes or no to circumcision for their babies.

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