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This week on North Gate Radio, we’re bringing you stories about people working to change the game for themselves – and for their communities. We talk to people, community groups, and sports teams about the problems they’re trying to solve and why they stay in the fight.

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Struggling to Breathe in the Bay Area

Low income people and people of color struggle to get the care they need for asthma. Children are especially at risk of being hospitalized for asthma symptoms. Kaitlin Benz set out to find why that is and how providers in the Bay Area are fixing it.

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Running Low on the 510

510 — the East Bay’s area code. Rappers sing about it, people get it tattooed on their bodies, and it shows up on store signs all over Alameda County. But the East Bay is running out of the 510 area code, and soon, a new one is coming to town.

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