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Martinez Mobile Shower Program

Martinez is one of the first cities in Contra Costa County to provide showers to unsheltered people. The city, police department and nonprofits stepped up to provide weekly showers as well as medical services, clothes and haircuts.

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This week’s show is all about changes happening right here in the Bay Area. We’ll wrestle with the good and bad of change, from one town’s quest to make showers
available to homeless people. To what adolescent life can look like with a chronic disease.

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Coalition on Homelessness Sleep Out

Thursday, November 16th, 2017, the Coalition on Homelessness of San Francisco is hosting a sleep out. That means housed and unhoused people will gather together to sleep outside on the streets, overnight. There will be food and music and speeches, and the event will go from 5pm Thursday to 6am Friday morning. Housed folks will…

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