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About this site

Many people find it difficult to talk about illness and death. Still, since we will all die someday, thinking about how we want our remains to be handled is something we should consider.

This site brings together personal, professional and scientific elements of organ and tissue donation. Its purpose is to give people the information they need to consider donation for themselves or for others.

I spent about a year researching everything from brain death to corneas before sitting down to write and organize this site, which is my master's project for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. I spoke with friends and relatives about the topic and noted their questions, which bolstered my own. People from more than a dozen organizations spoke to me about their experiences and interests in organ and tissue donation. I also met transplant recipients and their loved ones, who shared their stories of chronic illness or improved health.

If you have questions about donation after visiting this site, there are many places to find answers on the Internet. The United Network for Organ Sharing and the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network are two sites with plenty of data, resources and other information.

Good luck.

Gina Comparini