Timeline of Events

By Lyssa Mudd

Following is a chronology of the major events in the Lisa Norrell case, starting with the deaths of two prostitutes in 1992, six years before Lisa's murder last November. These dates were culled from court documents, other public records, and newspaper articles.


July 18 – Prostitute Sharon Mattos's body found in field in Pittsburg.

November 12 – Prostitute Andrea Ingersoll's body found in field in Bay Point, a town near Pittsburg.


September 1998

8 - Duanne Dee Shoemake, Antioch fire captain, arrested on suspicion of repeatedly molesting two young girls.

November 1998

6 – Lisa Diane Norrell, a Pittsburg High School sophomore, leaves party at a social hall in Antioch at 10:30 - 11 p.m. Disappears.

7 - Minnie Norrell, Lisa’s mother calls Pittsburg police at 3 a.m to report her daughter missing. FBI called within hours. The shoes Lisa was carrying at the time of her disappearance found on Pittsburg-Antioch Highway.

7 - Three acquaintances reportedly see/talk to Lisa at Pittsburg Marina.

14 - Lisa’s body found near Nav-Land landscaping firm on Pittsburg-Antioch Highway in Pittsburg.

15 – Coroner’s report issued. Report says Lisa was asphyxiated, but details about how are blacked out.

17 – Police say male witness reported seeing Lisa near Nav-land site shortly after her disappearance.

18 – Police say female witness reported seeing Lisa near Nav-Land site the night she disappeared.

19 – Memorial service held for Lisa at Pittsburg High School. Two thousand students attend.

19 – Police receive report of attempted kidnapping on E. 18th St. just west of Hillcrest Ave., Antioch. Man tries to pull women from sidewalk into the bushes.

21 – Mass and memorial service held for Lisa at St.Peter the Martyr Church in Pittsburg.

December 1998

3 – Shoemake’s preliminary hearing in his criminal case begins at Superior Court in Pittsburg.

5 –Prostitute Jessica Fredericks, 24, found dead near an auto wrecking yard in Pittsburg at 11:30 am.

7 – Police receive three tips about the involvement of David M. Heneby and Garry L. Walton in Lisa’s murder. Police begin investigation and surveillance of both men.

15 - Tammie Davis, 38, found beaten in a portable toilet off Willow Pass Road in Bay Point.

15 - Rachael Cruise, 24, found dead in a ditch near where Lisa’s body was found.


January 1999

4 – Pittsburg police arrest David Michael Heneby Jr., 24, on domestic violence charges in connection with beating his wife.

4, 5 – Police carry out search warrants on Heneby and Garry Lee Walton, 39, and search Walton's residences and cars, Heneby's jail cell, and a storage locker, according to the public version of censored search warrants.

6 - Police arrest Heneby and Walton, say they have solved the Norrell case.

6 – Candlelight march for homicide victims held in East Contra Costa County.

7 – Contra Costa County District Attorney Gary Yancey announces that there is not enough evidence to bring charges against Heneby and Walton. Walton leaves jail.

8 – Prostitute Valerie Dawn “China” Schultz, 27, found dead in an industrial area in Pittsburg.

11 – Criminal child molestation charges against Shoemake dismissed.

15 – Police submit a search warrant related to deaths of prostitutes 1992-1998, according to public records examined by this publication.

20 – Police submit another search warrant related to deaths of prostitutes 1992-1998.

February 1999

1 – Pittsburg police Inspector John M. Conaty submits request to Superior Court Judge Joyce Cram to keep Norrell warrants sealed.

17 – Police submit three additional search warrants related to deaths of prosititutes 1992-1998.

19 – Shoemake resigns as Antioch fire captain after 27 years of service.

March 1999

25 - Judge Cram orders that only heavily censored copies of documents related to the Norrell case can be made public.

May 1999

18 – Heneby pleads no contest to assault and domestic violence charges (unrelated to Lisa’s case) in exchange for a six-year prison sentence.

June 1999

30 – Mothers of two girls allegedly molested by Duanne Shoemake file suit against him in civil court seeking monetary damages.

August 1999

16 - Governor Gray Davis offers $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual and any accomplices responsible for the death of Lisa Norrell.

September 1999

1 – State Senate unanimously approves a bill requiring police to quickly issue emergency bulletins on missing children aged 15 and younger. Bill sponsored by Sen. Richard Rainey (R-Walnut Creek). Minnie Norrell, Lisa’s mother, works to support the measure.

October 1999

5 – Preliminary hearing held for Mohammed Niaz, suspect in the murder of Jessica Fredericks.

November 1999

17 – Civil trial against Duanne Shoemake set to begin in Contra Costa County Superior Court in Martinez.