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Treating the Whole Person

While their fate in the U.S. remains uncertain, undocumented and immigrant communities are experiencing higher levels of trauma, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. But not only do they have limited access to quality clinicians and therapists, they also require a specific kind of care especially if they don’t speak English. Often called culturally-sensitive care, it takes into account the language and cultural context of a patient. 

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Struggling to Breathe in the Bay Area

Low income people and people of color struggle to get the care they need for asthma. Children are especially at risk of being hospitalized for asthma symptoms. Kaitlin Benz set out to find why that is and how providers in the Bay Area are fixing it.

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Pursuing Positivity

On this week’s episode of North Gate Radio, we’re focusing on keeping it positive. You’ll hear stories about people who are working make the world a better place in communities in the Bay Area and beyond.

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