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Health and Wellness

April 5, 2018

Health and Wellness

On this week’s “Health and Wellness” show, reporters explore physical, mental and environmental health in the Bay Area.

Reporters Susie Neilson and Padmini Parthasarathy find out more about Kava, a Polynesian plant-based drink that people are using to manage anxiety and addiction. Laura Newberry visits a yoga class in San Francisco that practices getting nama-stoned before they namaste. Kaitlin Benz looks at what it’s like for people who have asthma and don’t have the resources they need to get treatment. Nuria Marquez Martinez spoke with health specialists at Street Level Health Project, a clinic in Oakland serving the undocumented and uninsured. Finally, Francesca Fenzi goes deep into California’s wetlands, to look at the destruction caused by an invasive species called Nutria.



PRODUCER: Kaitlin Benz
ANCHORS: Padmini Parthasarathy, Susie Neilson
REPORTERS: Padmini Parthasarathy, Susie Neilson, Laura Newberry, Kaitlin Benz, Nuria Marquez Martinez, Francesca Fenzi
ENGINEER: Cat Schuknecht
MUSIC: "Sundara" by Odesza, "Twist and Shout" by Booker T. and the MGs, "Another Day of Sun" by La La Land Cast


A Different Kind of Tree Pose

As a general rule, Californians like yoga. And Californians like cannabis. But what’s it like to combine the two? Laura Newberry takes us to a ganja yoga class in San Francisco to see what the hype is all about.

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Treating the Whole Person

While their fate in the U.S. remains uncertain, undocumented and immigrant communities are experiencing higher levels of trauma, anxiety, depression and substance abuse. But not only do they have limited access to quality clinicians and therapists, they also require a specific kind of care especially if they don’t speak English….

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Struggling to Breathe in the Bay Area

Low income people and people of color struggle to get the care they need for asthma. Children are especially at risk of being hospitalized for asthma symptoms. Kaitlin Benz set out to find why that is and how providers in the Bay Area are fixing it.

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Addicts Find Relief in Kava

Kava is a Polynesian root-brewed tea that has a calming quality that’s providing relief from the symptoms of mental health disorders and addictions. Science is yet to weigh in on its benefits or adverse effects quite yet, however.

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Real-life Rodents of Unusual Size

In the last century, California’s wetland areas have decreased by more than ninety percent. Now the small portion that remains is under attack… from a pest with a prodigious appetite.

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