2012 Fellow—Samar Halarnkar

In 2012 Samar Halarnkar was a  Nirupama Chatterjee Teaching Fellow in the spring semester at Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism, where he taught a course about reporting on India.

Halarnkar is Contributing Editor for the Hindustan Times, a leading English daily, and Mint, a leading business newspaper, in India. He is also an occasional contributor to Newsweek magazine. Apart from reporting on internal conflict, poverty, science and nationalism, he heads a team of reporters working on a long-running editorial project related to hunger and reform. He also writes three columns: on emerging India; on science and technology; and one on creative cooking called Our Daily Bread.

A journalist for 22 years, Halarnkar holds a bachelor’s degree in commerce and economics from Bangalore University and a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He has been a fellow at the American Society for Microbiology and The Energy and Resources Institute, New Delhi. He is the author of “Under the Rain Tree,” a chronicle of India’s Internet revolution.

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